Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Going down a hill is a surrender to gravity… going up, a defiance. Jmills ENT. pushes the envelope in the competitive sport of Motorcycle Hillclimbing once again. Using his moving camera techniques to capture this adrenalin filled motor sport. Feast your eyes on what the sport has grown into as of late.
Gaining momentum from it’s preceding namesake “Elevate 2 Still Climbing” rises above as an artistic showcase of elite motorcycle racing. Giving greater focus to the drive and passion fueling these extraordinary athletes beyond the limits of expectation. This film explores deeper into the obscure world of professional hill climbing, giving particular attention to the insight and perspective of individual riders. Stepping up his own commitment to innovation and style, director Jeremy Miller further demonstrates maturity in the “gnarly” genre of action sports cinematography, with his own flavor of nitro injected intensity. 

Featured NAHA riders: Jason Smith, Bret Peterson, Max Simmons, Logan Mead. Exclusive exhibition hill climbing footage and interview with Mike Metzger “The Godfather”. Includes additional riding action from Austin Fox, and more.

Filmed on location at NAHA sanctioned events and private locations in California, Utah, and Wyoming.

DP/Director/Editor- Jeremy Miller [Jmills]
Produced-Jmills ENT. and Brand Iconic
Additional Cinematography- Austin Balls, Zach Heaton, Jace LeRoy
Music- Night Owl by Broke For Free, New by Stainless, Promise (Instrumentals) by Dynah, Three (Instrumentals) by Ghost In The Machine, Kill Site (Instrumentals) by Ghost In The Machine
Sponsors- Pit Bull Energy, Simmons Racing, Team Action Machine, Team Peterson Racing

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Robie Peterson

Recently Elevate rider Robie Peterson suffered a sever crash. He's an outstanding and influential rider and we hope he makes a speedy recovery.

From Bret Peterson

For all of you that dont know yet Robie crashed out at Milestone MX over the weekend and is now at Arrowhead Regional Hospital recovering. He does not remember going riding at all but the doc said he went over the bars off a jump at 30-35mph and landed on his head and right side. He fractured 3 Ribs and his Scapula, and was knocked unconscious for three minutes. He has some spots and swelling on his brain which is causing some short term memory loss but the docs say he will pull out of it just fine. I was able to see him last night and he's still working out the cobwebs from the crash. His long term memory is great but his short term is still pretty bad but getting better. They moved him out of ICU last night which is a good sign. Hes keeping everyone laughing with his funny stories and the staff on their toes ripping out his IV's and even his chest tube!! We are trying to keep visitors to a minimum because of his condition but we will let everyone know when its ok to come down and visit. Please keep him in your prayers, we all hope he will pull out of this sooner then later and be able to come home and fully recover with his family and friends. -The Peterson Family

Sunday, September 18, 2011

450 Pro Class

Congrats to Elevate 2 riders, Bret Peterson and Logan Mead for finishing 1st and 2nd in the 450 Pro class at the Big Nasty!